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nomads.usp – center of interactive living studies

Nomads.usp is the Center for Interactive Living Studies, which belongs to the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (IAU-USP) and its Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism. Bringing together undergraduate researchers, candidates for Master’s and Doctor’s degrees, and Post-doctoral internship, the Center has been producing works on the theme of contemporary living, in connection with areas of knowledge such as architecture, art, cinema, computer science, demography, design, cultural studies, urban studies, philosophy, history, and social science.

Inhabiting is understood as a system where multiple aspects of the urban resident’s daily life are developed, including actions in concrete, virtual and hybrid spaces that combine and interact, and forming the current raw material of architecture and studies of the city. The Center’s researchers are interested in exploring and designing hybrid spaces, which means the superposition of physical and virtual dimensions at different scales, and also in the study of the creative processes of these spatialities.

Nomads.usp understands that inhabiting is nourished and defined by various communication processes, mediated or not by digital systems. Interaction processes complete the dynamics of living, bringing together people, objects, buildings, communities, and urban fragments.

Its current research work prioritizes themes related to the use of documentary film as a means of research; the contemporary urban living and its history; architecture, parameterization, and digital culture; BIM and design processes; cultural and urban policies; cultural heritage and the digital culture, and online platforms for participatory decision-making processes in urban interventions.