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the Remote Digital Studios 2.0 project

The profound changes imposed by the suspension of on-site university activities and, particularly of design classes in undergraduate courses in architecture and urbanism, due to the new coronavirus pandemic, posed various challenges to teachers, students, and institutions. With no other choice but to use the Internet to communicate with their students and colleagues – either graphically, orally, textually, gesturally -, the teachers became interested, many for the first time, in reflecting on the use of digital media in processes of design teaching and learning.

By gathering information about this intense and unique teaching experience in online classes, the RDS 2.0 survey aims to contribute to reviewing the teaching and learning processes of architectural and urban design including digital media, renewed by the remote teaching experience, in 2020 and 2021.

A first survey was carried out at the end of the first semester of confinement, in July and August 2020, and its results are available in the RDS 1.0 section. Today, a year later, this survey seeks to document the subsequent development of this didactic-pedagogical process, mapping practices that may have been consolidated, understandings that may have changed, new perceptions, and suggestions for the future.

This questionnaire targets teachers of architecture, urbanism, and landscaping design in schools of architecture throughout Brazil. It addresses modes of communication and didactic-pedagogical procedures in non-presential undergraduate courses taught during the Covid-19 pandemic. All respondents will have access to the raw results of the survey. Nomads.usp researchers’ analyzes will be publicized in scientific articles and on the Center’s web pages and website.

This research is conducted by Nomads. usp – Center for the Study of Interactive Living (www.nomads.usp.br), of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil – IAU-USP (www.iau.usp.br), within its research axis “Design processes” at the end of eighteen months of online classes of architectural and urban design, in various parts of the planet.



  • Produce an overview of remote teaching methods of architecture, urbanism, and landscaping design in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Expand the reflection on online collaborative activities in design teaching;
  • Contribute to the discussion on the inclusion of face-to-face/remote hybrid structures in regular design courses after the pandemic; and
  • Encourage dialogue on the subject, disclosing results in academic forums.


nomads.usp – center of interactive living studies

project direction
Associate Professor Dr. Marcelo Tramontano

Mario Vallejo – Doctoral candidate
Maurício Silva – Master’s degree candidate
Fernando Birello de Lima – Doctoral candidate
Juliana Trujillo – Doctoral candidate
Juliano Pita – Doctoral candidate
Sandra Soster – Doctoral candidate
Thamyres Lobato – Master’s degree candidate

technical support
Daniel Picon – Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, IAU-USP

Evandro Bueno – Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, IAU-USP
Juliano Pita – Doctoral candidate
Sandra Soster – Doctoral candidate