Con:finis the common frontier

Audiovisual dialogues

Stay at home! Worldwide, the domestic space lays at the core of strategies to fight the spread of the new coronavirus. However, what place is this where we are expected to be confined? What new meanings and attributions has it been assuming, and for how long? The CON:FINIS Project proposed by Nomads.usp aims to problematize the resignification process of dwelling, truly accentuated by the current pandemic, by stimulating reflections on its many aspects. The project also proposes to use audiovisual as a language and support for narratives, as well as a means to exchange understandings and experiences through the Internet.

The word ‘confine’ comes from the combination of two Latin words –com = together, and finis = frontier– originally meaning “to have or build a common border”. It is from this perspective that the CON:FINIS Project addresses the new frontiers of habitation, and conversely the easing of some of its well-known limits, for example between private and public, between co-inhabitants, between work and leisure.

The project starts from the understanding that the confined domestic space is today a momentary common denominator between all of us, a system that spans almost the entire planet, of which we are interacting parts. The project proposes to observe and document the bowels of this system, from inside, by all of us, simultaneously observers, and participants.

We invite everyone to join this collective process of reflection via the Internet, expanding the limits of the confined space by including crossed eyes, solidarity actions, and the production of knowledge about living in times of confinement.

Here’s how to participate, and some questions about the relationship between housing and confinement that can inspire your video!