Here are some topics about dwelling and the lockdown that may inspire your video.

  • Lockdown as a system: all the dwellings in the city became, overnight, portions of a single wide territory with similar characteristics, hosting most of the activities of a large part of the population.
  • The verb inhabit is now conjugated in the plural: classroom, office, daycare, playground, co-working, …, and also dwelling.
  • Confined habitation, a new normal? Among provisional adaptations, new technologies, and mandatory protocols, a new understanding of habitation emerges in the midst of the pandemic.
  • From a private place opposite to the public space to a node of telematic networks that shuffle the private and public dimensions.
  • Outside-dirty-dangerous vs. inside-clean-safe: designed to withstand epidemics, the 19th-century bourgeois house is still a model for most of our homes.
  • Water, soap, and housing: the clean body as a condition of survival, the domestic interior as a sanitary territory.
  • A border within the border zone: the buffer space for decontamination and new ways to get home.
  • Consensuses and conflicts: the sound space of a shared house.
  • A communicational bubble and its means of exchanging with the world: where would you like to be right now?
  • He who says individuality, says secrets: how to keep privacy in permanently shared places.
  • The many faces of the self: the relationship between place and the (number of) people who we are, intimately.
  • Images cut from an idealized exterior: our relationship with cities of the world through (almost exclusively) TV and the Internet.
  • Your wallet or your life!: living between public health imperatives and economic issues.
  • The dangers of proximity: games of power and domination in daily life no longer diluted in the city.