We have gathered some texts and films related to the subjects of the CON:FINIS Project. Please feel free to suggest new titles by commenting here below.


Anitelli, Felipe and Tramontano, Marcelo, 2011. The standardization of projects of apartment buildings: notes on marketing, funding, and architecture. Translated from Portuguese by Luis Roberto Ribeiro. V!RUS [online] June, 5 [online] Available at: <>. [Accessed: 29 April 2020].

Eleb, Monique, 2011. Places, gestures, and words of comfort at home. Translated from French by Marcelo Tramontano. V!RUS, [online] June, 5. [online] Available at: <>. [Accessed: 29 April 2020].

Fonseca de Castro, Fábio, 2015. A narrativa documental diegética. [in Portuguese] In Sessões do Imaginário, v. 20, n. 33. Porto Alegre: PUC-RS, 2015. p. 20-26. Disponível em: Acesso: 20 mai 2019.

Santos, Rodrigo Gonçalves, 2011. Space and dwell phenomenology: starry nights and symbolic wrappers. Translated from Portuguese by Fábio Abreu de Queiroz. V!RUS, [online] June, 5. [online] Available at: <>. [Accessed: 29 April 2020].

Teixeira, Pedro Plácido, Tramontano, Marcelo, 2019. Cinema, cybernetics, and a new observation relationship. V!RUS, Sao Carlos, 19. [e-journal] [online] Available at: <>. [Accessed: 29 April 2020].

Tiburi, Márcia, 2011. Dwelling as a space of differences. Translated from Portuguese by Daniel Paschoalin. V!RUS, [online] June, 5. Available at: <> [Accessed: 20 April 2020].


ASYLUM of the birds. Dir.: Roger Ballen, Ben Jay Crossman. South Africa, 2014. 6 min. Available at: Acesso em: 12 Jun 2019.

CHUVA (Regen). Dir.: Joris Ivens. Netherlands, 1929. 14 min. PB, 35 mm. Available at: Acesso em: 4 Mai. 2016.

EDIFÍCIO Master. Dir.: Eduardo Coutinho. Brazil, 2002. 111 min. Color, 35 mm. Available at: Accessed: 20 Apr. 2016.

SÉMÉNIAKOSCOPIE, le bazar. Dir: Michel Séméniako, Valéry Faidherbe. France, 2011. 2 min. Available at: Accessed: 20 April 2020.

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